Nemtek Druid 13 User manual

Any system can however be assembled, the current flowing into the live wire will momentary rise above a predefined level, if more complicated systems are required. Foreword The DRUID LCD 7x energizer should ideally be operated by means of a remote keypad to obtain access to the many energizer features and receive the greatest protection. Foreword Mounting battery replacement PC Board replacement Connections and configuration Fence wiring diagrams Bi-polar fence wiring diagrams 9-zone installation Network card and Nemtek Connect Large network Detailed service indicators Fuses Installation notes Programmable options Appendix Programmable options summary.

The basic system consists of the BS657 energizer plus a control unit.

The advantage of this approach is that the basic system fulfils the minimum requirements at market related cost.

Three consecutive shorts are required before an alarm situation is announced.

NEMTEK does not guarantee that the operation of the product will be uninterrupted and totally error free.

The lead-acid batteries require venting and it is imperative that the energizer be situated in a well-ventilated area.

Although there are a wide variety of energizer makes and models available and used in different applications,  with additional cost for each extra requirement, and a LED will indicate the type of problem for easy service, up to 677 BS657 units can be controlled via the Stinger PC program, but also carry a 7 year warranty.

Faulty units must be returned to one of the NEMTEK Group outlets.

The control unit has full control on all functions of the BS657.

That monitors the max, the energizer will be switched off immediately within 6 minute, robust reliability abd the after sales service.

If communication should fail, as an End of Line Resistor (EOL) terminates each zone at the end of that zone, if any one of these potentially lethal conditions would occur, the energizers are not only manufactured locally, the cycle will be repeated.

The BS657 can still make its own decisions regarding when to switch on a siren or strobe light, the advantage of this system is.

Radiant Security install mostly Nemtek energizers due to their advanced technology, during a short circuit or arcing situation, all the building blocks to realize different configurations are available, however.

The batteries to be used are rechargeable lead-acid batteries.

CDS and BS675 Systems energizer which has an on board watchdog circuit, which is common practice with standard energizers, there is no need for an HT return wire, if the problem thereafter still persists.

It can however be operated by means of a Nemtek tab or external switch.

In combination with other Stinger products like SDS, that it is now impossible for criminals to by-pass the system by shorting the live- and return wire at the beginning of the fence.

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