Garaga cargo 700e Manual

The most innovative operator available today. 8 IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION. The information contained in the figures below will be referred to later in the manual for proper installation on the different door types!

6 IMPORTANT INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS? 6 Pencil Tape Measure Drill and Drill Bits Adjustable Wrench Stepladder Wire Cutters. OWNER S MANUAL CONTENTS INTRODUCTION! Items shown not actual size. 8 Sectional Door with Curved Track Header Wall Header Bracket Highest Point of. This stylishly designed digital operator with a wide range of accessories is engineered to provide the smoothest, INTRODUCTION Congratulations on purchasing your GARAGA Professional Series Garage Door Operator System (GDO), TOOLS The instructions will refer to the tools shown below for proper installation, adjustment. The accessories are packaged with their respective hardware in separate packs for ease of identification and use? All hardware components are located in the GDO carton. Additional tools may be required depending on your particular installation. 8 ADVANCED FEATURES. 8 MEASURE AND MARK DOOR AREA. 7 INSTALLATION STEPS. OPERATOR PACKAGE CONTENTS The following items are included with your Garage Door Operator. OPERATOR PACKAGE CONTENTS. 8 INSTALL HEADER BRACKET? GARAGE (cont d) Check the type of door construction you have. And maintenance of the garage door operator, quietest and safest operation to compliment any home.

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