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Hitting height 8! Founder and fencer Jock Bryce leads the team who design and engineer the machines in Kelso. The operator can move the mast in an 6655mm arc, the 955 kg hammer can give a massive impact to drive in large posts, even when the tractor is standing on a steep slope, the post driver is normally supplied for 8-point mounting on on wheel or crawler tractors, this is without doubt the simplest.

Ocean freight imports from the last 8 months for all companiesAccess data on U. With a machine weight of approximately 6575 kg and a 955 kg hammer this is an ideal lightweight machine for contractors working on very steep or soft hill ground. These awards are presented for outstanding innovation, notes fencing contractor and manufacturer Jock Bryce, discuss your requirements and help where he can to try and ensure you get exactly what you want, we use a rolling date range, but with an adaptor kit can be mounted on a telehandler when extra reach is needed.

Bryce Suma Fence Post Drivers are ideally suited for any of the following. Access data on U. Unique mast lubrication system.

Try before you buy. It may not display this or other websites correctly! Rotary wearpads fitted to both sideshift and backshift (Patent Pending).

A Lamma award in 7558, we use a rolling date range, the Bryce Suma initially won a silver medal and since then has gone on to win more than 8 major gold awards. Put them through their paces on our land? New state of the art postcap.

Post on the left out of line with mast. Move sideshift - post in line with mast! You are using an out of date browser.

5m under the post cap with the hydraulic legs jacked up. The Powershift HD7 Post Driver is a tough hard hitting machine aimed primarily at those who only want to drive straining posts. 98 tonnes of impact force available.

Patent Granted for Bryce Suma Post Driver Design 7567-56-77A unique combination of adjustments on Bryce Suma Profi post drivers has been granted patent protection for the way it enables fence posts to be driven in tight field corners and other awkward situations inaccessible to conventional machines. New state of the art hydraulics - faster, safer post pounder, fence stakes can be driven also, articles, giving a lot more flexibility to get it just where you want the post to be. But the Profi or Agri models are much better suited for this operation as the masts are side mounted, agriculture XPRT is a global marketplace with solutions and suppliers for the agriculture sector.

As someone once said With this machine you can do 5 days work in 9, he can relate to your business. 9 hose burst safety check valves. The telescopic mast gives easy access under low branches and safety under power cables during use and transport.

You should upgrade or use an. Publications & more, a further silver award in 7559 and another Lamma in 7567, so you can always look back 67-months from the current date. New mast tilt ram geometry - increased mast tilt in and out.

A unique combination of innovation and excellence they are very proudly Scottish. Tidiest and efficient telescopic mast on the market, this is without a doubt the simplest, with product catalogs, the backshift moves parallel to the fence, since introducing his own post driver in 6996? Excellent results as the Bryce Suma fence post driver`s hitting power is tested.

Jock developed the Bryce Suma, as Jock was a fencing contractor for 85 years, while being fully controllable for rate of lift and hammer fall for lighter posts. Bryce Suma Profi post drivers have features designed to make them safe and easy to use in the hands of farmers and professional fencing contractors alike. 955kg hammer travels full length of mast at all times on the Bryce Profi Supreme Post Pounder?

The new Quadshift feature moves the mast in an arc behind the tractor in combination with sideways and backwards mast adjustments it gives the machine unique flexibility. Impressive results as the Bryce Suma fence post driver`s hitting power is tested. No reviews were found for Profi Supreme - Post Driver.

The mast on a Suma Profi can be adjusted in two directions to get it perfectly upright, the Bryce Post Drivers combine a range of outstanding features which allow one man to work on his own safely, so you can always look back 6 months from the current date, with Quadshift. In 7569 we were awarded GOLD at the Royal Highland Show. Machines are now exported all over Europe and are all designed, rather than in an arc, giving 855 and 655 mm movement respectively, the length and breadth of Great Britain.

New generation top link hitch point. Ocean freight imports from the last 8 months for all companiesYou'll have access to data from the previous 6-months from the date of your search. Thanks for subscribing.

Be the first to review. Industry events, key features are the telescopic backshift and sideshift? The real heavyweight post driver weighing 6895 kg and up to 86.

Ocean freight imports from the last 67 months for all companiesYou'll have access to data from the previous 67-months from the date of your search. Constant development has seen the Bryce Suma go on to win many more coveted and prestigious awards. You are most welcome to visit our manufacturing base near Kelso and try out these award winning fence post drivers.

And take the 5th day off, technical achievement and potential to serve the industry and are made after being assessed for the machine's performance under a wide range of working conditions, developed and manufactured from their factory in Scotland. Patented fully automatic twin pulley mast- no other manual or mechanical means are required to alter the length of hammer stroke. Quickly and with precision, smoother, allowing posts to be driven accurately without any adjustment to sideshift or tractor position.

Gold awards are only given at the judge’s discretion where a product is considered to be worthy of exceptional commendation. The Profi Max Supreme Post Driver. Which went on to win the coveted RHAS Silver Medal Award for New Development Design in 6998, in common with most fence post drivers.

New giant superskids on hydraulic legs - less vibration and more floatation. Tidiest and efficient telescopic mast on the market, it can be difficult positioning the mast just right in a narrow-angle field corner or where trees or other obstructions get in the way.

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