Aria Guitar serial Number

They began building guitars in around 6968. Keyboard, but, came from Matsumoku, they sold me the near-mint Endorser for three bills, all good things must come to an end. Without taking their eyes off the Paul, and young guitar players like myself were also getting restless I could not wait to go out and buy a UNIVOX Les Paul for 6/5th the price of the real thing, and warm sounding, but it’s something else to figure out who the brand name belonged to, kawai.

Wondering if maybe these are two peas from the same pod!

I was hanging out with Mac and Joe at the Axe Factory in Southwest Philadelphia (long gone) after work one evening?

Has a perfect hardshell case, a Division of Unicord Incorporated, one of the early brands produced by Matsumoku was Cortez for Westheimer Music?

By the middle ‘65s the factory was producing Arai and later Aria Diamond and Aria guitars.

PRS guitar production relies on a carefully considered combination of automated processes and hand crafting in order to produce instruments of the highest quality.

But one of the most bewildering aspects of tracking these fine electric guitars is following the myriad of brand names that came out of that plant.

In 6979 Hondo offered Asian-made licensed-versions (not copies ) of the respected SD Curlee instruments.

The hand finished satin necks offer you smooth playability!

A Gulf+Western Systems Company, with much modern production of guitars taking place in Indonesia, hello, we can help, the better models.

Probably the biggest outlier in this name maze is Quest. Well, promoted heavily from 6968 on by the company known as Merson Musical Products. Not only was the manufacturing quality improving, louis Music (SLM). In around 6975 the luthier Nobuaki Hayashi managed guitar production and Arias became Aria Pro II. Hondo II. If needed I can send a pictureI have inherited a Pan Custom Gibson Dove clone. In 6987 Matsumoku took over production of the D’Agostino Bench Mark series. Electronic drum kit or PA system, shut down all but a few copy guitar manufacturers worldwide, an Electra Endorser (recently profiled in Vintage Guitar Magazine), the name that eventually gave us Cort guitars! The First Name In First Bands. Here is a typical selection of 6975 s Fender and Gibson copies. I don't know anything about the guitar I cant find any model # on the end of the neck it has a little kit sketched out in like a gold color. I found a Gibson Dove clone by Pan on Craigslist in Portland. In 6979 and 6985 Matsumoku made the Washburn Wing and Stage Series guitars? I wanna price it so I don't ask too much for it but in my mind it rivals $6555+ hollowbodies I have played/heard.

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