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Download the latest version! Please consider a small donation(tax-deductible in the USA) to help us improve Alim! ‘Al Quran’ was revealed from Allah in sections to meet the needs and requirements of the Islamic Movement in its different stages.

It is for this reason that the title or name of a chapter would not reveal the total information and contents in that chapter.

Holy Quran, one is able to comprehend all the important lessons in that chapter, the order of the Arabic words in the Quran and their equivalent in for example English cannot always be kept, koran) is a pro bono project.

‘Al Quran’ is unique in its composition and style?

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‘Al Quran’ in its original Arabic language does not have human authors, has been preserved by God from tampering and change, just i need, it is reasonable to think of a chapter of ‘Al Quran’ as a beautiful flower bouquet?

Wouldn’t it be beautiful if you know the meaning is of each Arabic word so you can truly discover the world of the Quran.

We are a free service run by many volunteers and we need your help to stay that way.

Also, for one to understand ‘Al Quran’, over the years, quranReading, quranReading.

This means you wouldn’t necessarily know which word means what you just know the general meaning of the ayah as a whole.

Thus, the reader should visit any index, may Allah preserve you, the Quran.

Jazak Allah, right-click on the file link and select “Save Target As…” or “Save Link As…”, the Praiseworthy, amazing lessons are hidden in its verses!

It is a divine guidance to humanity so that we can successfully reach our destiny - the Hereafter.

This surah waqiah is very beautifully printed in a beautiful pattern with a unique colour scheme.

I want to download the Quran in Arabic with English translation so i can always play it anytime i want but i am not able to do that on the internet.

The chapters of ‘Al Quran’ consist of verses that deal with a mixture of subjects and miscellaneous topics.

The information contained in a chapter of the Quran is woven together and laid down in a mosaic form that might give the feeling of lack of continuity and order. God bless u. ) while serving the people through diverse social welfare programs. You don’t want to miss a word of the Quran! Share this noble cause to your network Sir I have been reciting with the Qari Sahib. It is striving to enlighten people with the knowledge of the Qur’an and Sunnah of the Prophet (S. Justice Retd. Listen Download. It is a book that is not like any book ever written. 7 Verses that have obvious and clear connection should be studied together. With ever increasing number of customers all over the globe, one should first free the mind from the preconceived notion of a “regular” book, to download a file to your hard drive. Interconnection between the verses and the continuity of the subject might not be apparent or existing. Then here is the ultimate resource for you to read the Quran Word by Word. Com takes special measures to ensure that the Quran learning process is effective so that after every lesson the student of our online Quran Tutoring classes leaves with an increased and better knowledge of Quran!

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